February 14, 2008

The BC Federation of Foster Parent associations, goin’home and The Downtown Vancouver Association launch communitychildren.ca and The Globe and Mail article highlights the need for a coordinated approach to stop homelessness before it begins

The same day as the British Columbia Federation of Foster Parent Associations and the Downtown Vancouver Association launched fosterchildren.ca and communitychildren.ca in Vancouver an article in the Globe and Mail echoes the need for more help for marginalized children. Based on their results, researchers Deborah Rutman and Carol Hubberstey in a study called When Youth Age Out of Care – Where To From There tell us that we must do more to help marginalized children to prepare children for life after foster care.

The article recognizes the British Columbia Federation of Foster Parent Associations for launching our new program

“In an effort to link children with communities outside their foster families, the B.C. Federation of Foster Parent Associations is formally launching a website today at an event co-sponsored by the Downtown Vancouver Association. The sites, fosterchildren.ca and commmunitychildren.ca are intended to create connections around ideas and initiatives to help children in care.”

All children, including children marginalized by birth or circumstances, have the ability to become active, contributing members of our community.


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