“We are so busy we are forgetting about relationships. We are so busy we are forgetting about the basic connections kids need. Our economies do not allow us to have a community of people around a child anymore.”


If we know the stories, we have more understanding and more ability to create trust and connections with our community children.

The major social issue facing our communities is homelessness and the crime, drugs and prostitution associated with it.

People who live on the street consume a disproportionate amount of our community resources. British Columbia is now spending $65,000 per year per person to manage homelessness. In spite of all this money and our efforts the number of people on the street increases from 2100 in 1999 to 2600 in 2008.

One per cent of our children and youth in Canada find themselves in the provincial child-care system and yet between 65 and 90% of the people living on our streets were at one time system kids.

If we explore what we know we improve our ability to explore for ideas about what we can do to improve our ability to create connections and possibilities for our community children